When it comes to choosing a fine leather jacket or accessory, you want nothing but the best. The best quality. The best styles. And of course, the best value. You've come to the right place because you've come to Prens Leather.

We know leather, and we know how to match individual needs with the right leather types and styles. So you get the look you want, and the quality you demand. It is something Prens Leather has taken pride in for three generations. A pride and uncompromising set of standards that go into every garment and accessory we make. Leather that ranges from various textures and looks that work well and wear well, not only for fashion, but for function.

Fine leather apparels from Prens are the result of perfect handwork. To achieve this, the Prens Leather craftsmen have refined their skills over many years, reading the structure of the leather with their hands and identifying the smallest imperfection by touch. After choosing the perfect piece of leather, the craftsman concentrates on making the leather garment. You are invited to see this magical journey of leather in the city of Istanbul.