Being a natural material, leather might show some variations in grain, pores, scars and veins, and variations in colour and thickness. These are all natural occurrences, not defects. Moreover, this is actually proof that the product is made of genuine leather.

Leather is a natural product that is sensitive to the effects of light and water. To keep your leather product in perfect condition, it should be protected from direct sources of heat and strong light, preferably through the use of professional leather cleaners only.

Never use traditional dry cleaning methods to clean leather products as cleaning leather differs from cleaning fabric in several ways.

Store garment on a broad hanger, not wire, to maintain its shape. Wrinkles will usually fall out during hanging, but if ironing is necessary, cover the garment with a non-flammable clean cloth, set your iron on the high setting without steam and iron. Be sure that your garment is dry before ironing and that the iron is continuouly moved across the surface of the garment when pressing.

If your leather product or garment gets wet, please hang it on a sturdy hanger away from any direct sources of heat, removing any heavy objects that may be in your leather garment or product. If the garment is made of suede, try using a cloth brush to prevent spotting and matting.

Avoid spraying hairspray or perfumes while wearing garment and never apply pins or adhesive materials to the garment as this will damage the hide's finish.

Wearing a scarf at the neckline will help keep hair and body oil away from the collar.